So You Want Enterprise Money Do You?

Now that the elections are more than and the Congress has a new controlling party, there is speculation that the company image may get brighter. But in Silicon Valley, there are ominous trends that point in the direction of an additional difficult yr for the tech business and perhaps worse beyond that.

While numerous are wringing their fingers, I recall the seventies when we had been struggling from an oil shock causing long traces at gasoline stations, rationing, and 55 MPH speed limits on Federal highways, a economic downturn, extremely small venturing platform ($50 million per yr into VC firms), and, what President Jimmy Carter (sporting a sweater while addressing the Nation on Television simply because he experienced turned down the warmth in the White House) called a "malaise".

Get ready to brainstorm; you need to get an concept on all of the methods that your consumer is going to require and what you have to provide them. Create down all the actions that your typical client will have to consider to get exactly where they want to go. Then start over and start filling in particulars (don't panic this doesn't have to be fairly it's just for you). You will be amazed at all that you have to offer. Place this aside you will be prepared for it in a couple of minutes.

The American Individuals are indignant too more than Hugo Chavez's stand-up improvisational comedy schedule at the open assembly of the United Nations. People are fried and will go out of their way to boycott and if they have too, they will do with out oil and they demand that oil barrel costs return to under $40.00 per barrel and unless of course they continue to go down below $50.00 all OPEC nations will shed out, all because they can't control Hugo Chavez. Whoops! Appears like the comedy schedule and joke is on him.

Do laws make it tougher and much more expensive to carry out here company? You bet. Just verify out the interesting article on the Sarbanes-Oxley Act by Newt Gingrich more than at SFGate. Brother Oxley himself admits that the reg was handed in haste and should have been created differently. No matter. Just as companies will have to determine out how to live with this reg and with all other people as they are written, IT will have to determine out how to check for compliance.

We have more guidelines, but these should give you an concept of what we are performing. As in 1985 in Canada, the legal guidelines could change at any time and finish our profitable operate. Until then, PIPEs are profitable.

Do you want to be a part of everyone else and take the community's money and run? Is a "liquidity occasion" important to you and your insiders? If so, I can tell you how to do it, legally. It's your choice. Use my encounter and adopt the traditional objectives recommended by attorneys, accounts and stockbrokers. You'll get my marketplace experience to make the system function for you. But, you won't get my cash.

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